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Archive: Series B Financing


A Partnership Ripe for the Region

By now, most people are aware of Safeguard’s rich history of fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs along their path to disruption. Our tried and true methodology has been built by funding technology-enabled businesses at the Series A or Series B stage, while baking-in value-added support through operational guidance and relevant expertise. Our sightline is fixed on several key verticals including healthcare,…

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Cask: Accelerating the development and deployment of production Hadoop applications

Data volumes are multiplying at an astronomical rate, making Hadoop—the industry standard open source software framework for large-scale data applications—an exceptionally fast growing market. Cask Data, Inc. is the open source software company that helps developers deliver enterprise-class Apache® HadoopTM solutions more quickly and effectively. Yesterday, we announced that Safeguard led a $20 million Series B financing for Cask, having deployed…

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Venture Capital

Week in Review: Strong First Quarter for IPOs, JOBS Act Becomes Law

The first quarter of 2012 has come and gone, leaving positive signs for venture capitalists. Twenty venture-backed start-ups made their IPO in the past three months, raising $1.4 billion. This is nearly double last year’s numbers for the same period—when 11 IPOs raised $768 million—and was the most active first quarter for IPOs since 2000. Tech IPOs accounted for over…

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