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5 Ways Mobile Technology is Reshaping the World

Previously, I’ve highlighted the five key areas driving Enterprise 3.0—social media, mobile, technology, the cloud, Internet of Things, and big data—and how they are  fundamentally transforming the enterprise and creating a wide-open field for startups. Last week I shared those thoughts at the Connolly Bove Mobile Forum in Radnor, Pa. I sat down with several senior executives from venture capital firms…

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Partner Companies

Q&A: Russ Fadel, CEO, ThingWorx – "Hooked on Entrepreneurship"

Welcome to the inaugural blog post for Safeguard Scientifics’ Q&A Series, featuring our partner company CEOs! We believe that our blog is a perfect medium to dig into what makes our partner companies tick. So, we’re going straight to the visionary and driving force behind each company—the CEO. For our first Q&A Series, we interviewed serial entrepreneur Russ Fadel, CEO…

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