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Venture Capital

Week in Review: Strong First Quarter for IPOs, JOBS Act Becomes Law

The first quarter of 2012 has come and gone, leaving positive signs for venture capitalists. Twenty venture-backed start-ups made their IPO in the past three months, raising $1.4 billion. This is nearly double last year’s numbers for the same period—when 11 IPOs raised $768 million—and was the most active first quarter for IPOs since 2000. Tech IPOs accounted for over…

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Life Sciences

Week in Review: IPO Madness and New Partner Company Spongecell

The past two weeks were brought to you by the letters IPO. From Facebook’s well-documented filing to this week’s IPO price cuts, a flurry of activity around SEC filings has caught the attention of VCs. Facebook filed a $5 billion IPO last week, which some commentators estimate puts the company’s value at up to $100 billion. This is a big…

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Do Europe’s Problems Really Impact Us?

We are constantly being reminded of the economic challenges impacting members of the European Union. It is no surprise that the economic upheaval in Greece and Italy, in particular, are accelerating and impacting other countries worldwide. The prospective impact on the U.S. financial markets could be significant and far reaching, including a potential disruption in the venture and private equity communities.…

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Week in Review: IPO task force, debunking tech bubble rumors, and NFTE Gala preparations

The IPO Task Force unveiled a new effort to ease the IPO road for emerging companies in its report, “Rebuilding the IPO On-Ramp.” The report calls for an easing of regulations that it says are holding back emerging U.S. companies. Among its recommendations, the task force proposes to lower the capital gains tax rate for long-term investors and to give…

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Week in Review

Week in Review: MoneyShow, Getting Back in the Game, and Google

This week, Safeguard exhibited at The Money Show San Francisco.  The show featured presentations from financial gurus providing in-depth expertise about the financial markets, top performing stocks and sectors, and specific ideas for profiting in these markets. If you missed us in San Francisco, be sure to visit our booth at the next World MoneyShow in Chicago on October 20-22…

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