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Financial Services

The Climate is Ripe for FinTech

Recently, I had the opportunity to deliver remarks on the state of FinTech investing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education. The audience, visiting from China-based HNA Capital, contributed to a lively two-way discussion. It was a time to reflect on post-recession FinTech trends and debunk the theory that investment into the sector is a recent phenomenon.…

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Blockchain: Turning experiments into mission-critical business applications

Over the past several months, we’ve been researching companies that are leveraging an emerging technology called blockchain, which is the ‘general ledger’ underlying the digital currency Bitcoin. The blockchain’s general ledger technology can enable institutions and individuals to record and transfer assets instantly without intermediaries— virtually eliminating fraud, and instantly verifying ownership of any asset at any moment in time.…

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Q&A Series

Q&A: Gregg Bienstock, CEO, Lumesis – “Surround Yourself With Experts”

The municipal bond market is a thicket of data that can be outdated and doesn’t conform to a standard format, leaving investment firms to spend a disproportionate amount of time sifting through the information to guide their clients. Lumesis, and its DIVER solution, leapt into the arena to provide investors with a different approach to evaluating municipal bonds looking at…

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