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Archive: David Luk


Tongue Tied: Speaking Candidly About Capital

I cringe when I read a headline that says a startup “pulled in”, “landed” or even “scooped ” new funding. Or better yet, when a venture capital firm is described as having “placed a bet”, “made a bet” or “cut a check” for a startup. These various accounts of winning money and placing bets are oftentimes used by reporters and news outlets to…

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A Partnership Ripe for the Region

By now, most people are aware of Safeguard’s rich history of fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs along their path to disruption. Our tried and true methodology has been built by funding technology-enabled businesses at the Series A or Series B stage, while baking-in value-added support through operational guidance and relevant expertise. Our sightline is fixed on several key verticals including healthcare,…

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