Contributers to the Safeguard Scientifics Blog

  • Erik B. Rasmussen

    Erik B. Rasmussen

    Erik has 15+ years of experience including venture investing and operations. During his career, Erik has held various positions at software, investment banking, private equity and venture capital firms, and has been instrumental in investing, sourcing and conducting due diligence. As Senior Vice ...

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  • Gary J. Kurtzman, MD

    Gary J. Kurtzman, MD

    Gary has more than 25 years of experience in operations and investments, leveraging his medical expertise to enable businesses to enhance their products and grow their services, as well as to discover new partnering potential in developing entrepreneurial companies. Gary joined Safeguard in 2006,...

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  • James A. Datin

    James A. Datin

    Over the course of his 25+ year career, Jim has been a successful CEO, raised capital for entrepreneurs to grow companies, and has turned around troubled companies throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition, he has completed more than 50 transactions including venture investments, bu...

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  • John E. Shave III

    John E. Shave III

    John is an accomplished entrepreneur, business development and corporate communications executive with nearly 20 years of achieving exceptional results in investor relations, public relations and marketing communications. At Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE), John is responsible for business...

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  • Peter J. Boni

    Peter J. Boni

    A decorated military veteran, Peter spent 15 months in combat as a U.S. Army Special Operations Infantry Officer. Throughout his business career, Peter has used the many lessons of leadership in adversity that he took away from that life-altering experience to never underestimate the importance of a...

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  • Philip D. Moyer

    Philip D. Moyer

    Phil has been a CEO, entrepreneur, angel investor, software developer, account executive, consulting manager and general manager of multi-hundred million dollar businesses. He has experienced, first-hand, the challenges that entrepreneurs face from start-up through raising capital, to scaling up to ...

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  • Stephen T. Zarrilli

    Stephen T. Zarrilli

    Over the course of a 30 year career, Steve Zarrilli has served as CEO and CFO of both publicly traded and privately held technology companies. He also has substantial board governance experience having served on four other publicly traded enterprises over the last 15 years. On November 1, 2012, S...

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  • Sylvia Watts McKinney

    Sylvia Watts McKinney

    Sylvia Watts McKinney is Executive Director of the Philadelphia program office of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), which empowers high school students living in underserved urban areas by engaging them in the learning process in a new way – through entrepreneurship. NFTE Philadelp...

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