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Data Democratization Bridges Chasm in Healthcare Ecosystem

Healthcare represents a broader, deeper content set than any other domain by orders of magnitude. Healthcare costs represent 17.6 percent of GDP, which translates to approximately $3 trillion, and is projected to go up to 20 percent by 2020. According to a recent report ranking select access to healthcare metrics among developed nations, the U.S. is underperforming with 2.4 physicians…

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The Climate is Ripe for FinTech

Recently, I had the opportunity to deliver remarks on the state of FinTech investing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education. The audience, visiting from China-based HNA Capital, contributed to a lively two-way discussion. It was a time to reflect on post-recession FinTech trends and debunk the theory that investment into the sector is a recent phenomenon.…

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Six for Six: Scott Snyder, PhD.

For the first time in nearly two decades, Safeguard has a chief technology and innovation officer. Being able to seamlessly adapt to changing business climates is the crux of Safeguard’s operation. As evidenced by today’s press release, Dr. Scott Snyder is no stranger to the Greater Philadelphia region’s innovation ecosystem. So, let’s learn more about the owner of this newly envisioned…

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