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VIDEO: Emerging Technology Markets and 2012 Tech Trends


There is no question that technology innovations will continue to revolutionize the way we work and play in 2012 and beyond. The Internet opens up many possibilities, including the move of media from print to digital. Globally, advertisers spend $500 billion per year, with online advertising expenditures the fastest growing category at a rate of almost 20 percent per year. Partner companies Bridgevine and MediaMath have created unique digital advertising platforms to capitalize on this trend.

Intensifying regulatory requirements in healthcare and life sciences, combined with the continued rise of the mobile enterprise, is creating an almost unlimited supply of opportunities for innovative technologies to come into play. Looking forward into 2012, we expect to continue to see trends towards social enterprise, mobile technology, and the cloud.

Here is a video from Safeguard’s Investor Day event, which highlights verticals where Safeguard has identified growth and opportunity in 2012 and beyond.

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This post was written by John E. Shave III